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~ Friday, October 28 ~

General Mori Beer: A fun twist to the standard idea of beer packaging

Tags: beer general mori packaging bottle red yellow star burst graphic graphic design graphic graphical Illustration illustrator illustrate Brittany brittany jarreld jarreld 4 pack 6 pack lager ale pale dark light
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~ Wednesday, October 19 ~

Avatars: I recently created avatars for a local company to use for their social networking. This was a blast to create. It aloud me to dig into their personalities and make them completely comical. These are just handful of all of the ones I created.

Tags: adaption art avatar b/w black and white caricature comical company creates creative design face faces funny funny faces graphic design graphical hilarous illustrate illustration illustrator industrial strength marketing ism market strong networking people person social brittany brittany jarreld
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Series: A Girl’s Winter

Tags: illustrate illustration illustrator graphic graphic design graphical brittany brittany jarreld jarreld girl girls sisters two single red pink blonde brunette love adorable beautiful snow winter snowing russian hat scarves scarf dress creates
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